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Life at Hidden Valley, where Mountain Life is Calling

Set in the natural surroundings adjacent to Hidden Valley Resort, Hidden Valley Foundation is a year-round community that affords access toa  rich assortment of services and activities that contribute to the quality of living at Hidden Valley.

Hidden Valley Foundation is a homeowner's association, established in 1984, that serves to provide maintenance and recreational services associated with the operation of the homeowner community. The property totals approximately 1,700 acres that is home to single-family homes, townhouses, and condominiums.


Happy Fall Ya'll!

Now that Autumn is upon us, the last of the leaves aren't the only things plummeting. The air temperature continues to drop toward (and below) the freezing point, showing us more signs that Winter is just on our heels. Have you prepared your Hidden Valley property for Winter?

Countdown to Winter

  • Open cabinet doors below kitchen and bathroom sinks and leave interior doors open. This allows warm air to circulate through the entire unit and will also help prevent musty odors.

  • Reinforce weather-stripping and insulation around exterior openings. Sealing off these areas will prevent cold air from seeping into the unit around windows and doors.

  • Install insulated electrical outlet inserts. Foam electrical outlet inserts can be purchased at any home hardware store. Installing foam electrical outlet inserts can help reduce cold-air drafts from seeping into your home. Additionally, consider installing plastic electrical outlet plug covers.

  • Close the damper on your fireplace when it is not in use. This will prevent down drafts of cold air.

  • Consider swapping out thinner curtains with a thicker, insulated curtain for Winter. The thicker, insulated curtains should be kept closed, so they'll hold the warmth inside and prevent the heat from escaping through drafty or cold windows.

  • Move furniture away from heat sources. When furniture is placed in front of or overtop heat sources it can prevent the warm air from properly circulating throughout the room or house. It can also be a fire hazard.
  • Set your thermostat to at least 55 to 60 degrees. Your thermostat's "Low" setting is too cold to maintain adequate heat. Please don't forget to leave the circuit breakers on. As a reminder, all condominium owners are required to leave their heat on and set to 55 degrees or higher. Please refer to the Condominium Association Heat Maintenance article below.

  • Turn off the water supply at the main valve. The main valve should be located near your hot water heater. This procedure should be followed year-round, especially in the Winter months. Also, leave your faucets turned open. This will allow the flow of water and prevent the pipes from freezing in the case that the valve should fail. Lastly, if you leave your property for long periods of time, please consider draining the water lines and pouring anti-freeze into the drains, toilet bowls, and toilet tanks.
Every year homeowners are unexpectedly tasked with working their way through the challenges of dealing with frozen and/or broken water pipes and the damages caused to their property and surrounding properties. Take our word for it- these situations are neither enjoyable, nor easy to fix. To prevent these situations from happening to you (and your neighbors) and to ensure your property survives Winter at Hidden Valley, here are some tips.


See What Our Homeowners & Guests are Saying

We just bought a place at Hidden Valley and couldn't be more thrilled! Our neighbors are wonderful- it's a very family friendly atmosphere at the resort and we can't wait for ski season to begin. We love the resort year-round! Come to the mountains!
Great little resort/residential community. Grounds are well-maintained all year and every season offers something different to appreciate with the changing weather and scenery.
Stayed in a condo at Summit Village and it was great! Luxurious jacuzzi bathtub with full kitchen and large living room.
What a great Summer escape! We stayed in a townhouse. I sat on the deck and read book after book while my teenage daughter and her friends walked to the pool and tennis courts. There are plenty of activities within a short drive. We enjoyed a hike in Forbes State Forest. I also enjoyed walking along the paths around the resort in the morning and on the golf course in the evening. The accommodations were comfortable... We'll be back!
We stayed in a nice place on Kepple Lane at the top of the mountain. It was a perfect place to have alittle 2 night weekend getaway with a few friends. The weather was great and the trails were fantastic. We will definitely go back!
Friends own a condo up here, pretty place to visit! Nice and quiet...

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