A playground is the ultimate place where kids can laugh, play, and imagine anything their mind desires. Whether they're on a pirate ship sailing across the ocean in search of the greatest treasure, or in a castle defending themselves from the evil dragons that lurk in the moat below, let your child's imagination wonder as they play in a safe environment in the Hidden Valley community.


South Ridge Playground

1900 South Ridge Drive
Hidden Valley, PA  15502

The South Ridge playground is the newest playground in the Hidden Valley community. Constructed in 2015, Hidden Valley Foundation hosted a grand re-opening party to celebrate a new, state-of-the-art playground that is ADA compliant and meets public health and safety codes.

Highlands Playground

Gristmill Lane
Hidden Valley, PA  15502

Once located at the South Ridge Center, the beloved Pirate Ship was relocated to the Highlands Center in 2015. Here, children and families can laugh, play, and sail to wherever their imaginations can take them.

Connect With Us

1900 South Ridge Drive, PO Box 4180

Hidden Valley, PA 15502

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