Tennis & Pickleball


With newly resurface tennis courts and the addition of a pickleball court, residents at Hidden Valley can practice their swings and serve up the perfect ace each and every time.


Highlands Center Tennis Courts

302 Highland Drive
Hidden Valley, PA  15502

The Highlands Center Tennis Courts are located near the Highland Center Swimming Pool. The courts feature two, newly resurfaced tennis courts equipped with nets and score keeping cards, and a backboard to practice your perfect serve.

Pickleball Court

1900 South Ridge Drive
Hidden Valley, PA  15502

Pickleball is a paddle sport that was created for players of all ages and skill levels. Similar to tennis, this sport is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. Hidden Valley Foundation's pickleball court is located at the South Ridge Center basketball court. The court serves two sports: basketball and pickleball, so the pickleball court lines are painted in yellow so as not to interfere with the white basketball court lines. Pickleball equipment is available for use and can be checked out at the Foundation office.

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Hidden Valley, PA 15502

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